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Grow’s website services include 3 different packages:

  1. Managed Hosting
  2. Managed Marketing Page
  3. Managed Website
  4. Managed eCommerce

Each one is different so take a look at the table below or call one of our Customer Success Managers on 0800 456 029 to find out what is included in each.

Managed Hosting  Managed Marketing Page Managed
Managed eCommerce
Responsive Design Y Y Y Y
Optimised for Desktop Y Y Y Y
Optimised for Mobile Y Y Y Y
User-Friendly Content Managment System Y Y Y Y
Conversions Captured and Fed into Grow Software Y Y Y Y
Hosting Y Y Y Y
Optimised for Search Y Y Y
Call Tracking*** Y Y Y
Monthly Updates of CMS, CMS Theme & CMS Plugins Y Y Y
Regular Audits and Resolutions Y Y Y
Annual Review and Refresh of Website Y Y Y
CMS Training with Our Developers Y Y Y
SSL Certificate (HTTPS) Y Y Y
Account Management Suport Y Y Y
Email Signup# Y Y Y
6 Designed Website Pages** Y Y
Updates to Landing and Conversion Pages to Improve Advertising Quality Score Y Y
2 Hours of Changes p/m* Y Y
Website Search Functionality  Y Y
Free Creative Changes for Seasonal Events* Y Y
Shopping Cart Functionality  Y
Searchable Product Catalogue Y
Automated Stock Level Management Y
First 20 Products Loaded by Grow to get you Started  Y
eCommerce Payment Intgration Y
eCommerce Payment Gateways: Q-Card, DPS, Paystation and more!# Y
Additional or Bulk Product Loading# Y

*On Request
**Upgradeable to 12
***Call tracking code implementation only, licensing the call tracking will incur costs
#Available additionally, extra charges may apply