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WordPress Shipping Setup Information

Setting up shipping arrangements for an online store can be a complicated task. As every store is different and each store has it’s own arrangements with couriers, carriers and freight forwarders, it takes time to set everything up correctly. In general WordPress terms, a store can be set up with standard ‘flat rate’ shipping or it can get more sophisticated by using a ‘table rate shipping’ premium solution.


Flat Rate Shipping is a free shipping method in WooCommerce that allows you to define a standard rate per item, per shipping class or per order. Flat rate shipping relies on the WooCommerce ‘shipping zones’ for its pricing setup.

Flat Rate Shipping also works with Product Shipping Classes, adding more power and flexibility to its configuration.


  • The most straightforward way of setting up shipping zones (ie. local regions, countries) is to maintain a flat $ rate per each region, for example: Northland region = $10 delivery (all Northland’s towns and suburbs will automatically classify under this region).
  • ‘Rural delivery charge’ can be made selectable in addition to ‘Standard delivery charge’ on a given store item.
  • For multiple-item orders, shipping costs can be made as either an additional item fixed cost or an additional shipping cost as a percentage of the total cost. (If Grow is setting up your shipping, please advise what the cost is to ship an extra item).



– This is free with our eCommerce websites. What this means is that each region has its own flat delivery price (rural surcharge can be added on). There can be no region splits ie. you can’t have Auckland East and Auckland West. For example, Far North $12, Northland $10, Auckland 7.50 etc. etc.

– Shipping classes can be used to group products of similar type and used by some shipping methods, such as Flat Rate Shipping, to provide different rates to different classes of product.

– Some regions and/or product classes can have free shipping applied while others use flat rate shipping.

– Let your Grow representative know what each item delivery cost is and if it varies from zone to zone. Also, let us know if any items are available to pick up in person at your store location or if free shipping is available.



Table Rate Shipping makes it possible for you to create complex rules for shipping your products worldwide.

You can define multiple rates based on the product’s destination, have multiple rates per zone, and add rules based on product weight, the number of items, shipping class and price.

Every store is unique, with its own products and shipping needs, so every setup is different.


How it works

When a customer checks out items in their cart, the plugin looks at the destination of items and then uses the table of rates you created to calculate total shipping. Each destination can have its own rules, or multiple sets of rules, based on your shipping requirements.

To calculate shipping correctly, you need to create shipping zones and shipping rules. The plugin will take care of all the calculations for you from that point.


Setting up Table Rate Shipping requires some thought and planning on your part. Before getting started with the plugin, you need to do the following:

  1. Set up your shipping classes if you need different rules for different classes of product.
  2. Determine and set up your shipping zones.
  3. Get shipping rates from your chosen courier so you know how you want to charge.


– Variables can exist on shipping according to the destination, weight, residential vs rural.

– Regions can be split up.

– If Grow is setting up your Table Rate Shipping, please provide:

  1. Destination vs. weight shipping price matrix (where applicable).
  2. If your delivery regions are getting segmented, provide a full list of NZ postcode ranges that apply to each region/price rate (where applicable), in an editable format such as Word, Excel, Google, txt etc. (eg. Auckland City codes 0600-1000- $2 delivery charge, Auckland South-West 1040-1080 – $5 delivery charge etc.).
  3. Provide a list of other countries and delivery rates that apply outside of NZ.
  4. Let us know if any/all items are available for in-store pickup or free delivery.
  5. Any additional rules that need to apply to shipping (Grow to advise of any roadblocks).

– Grow will set up shipping for up to 20 products.